AFTER SHOW: Ep. 9 – Tarot Thursday

After Show

AFTER SHOW: Ep. 9 – Tarot Thursday

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that this is a collective reading, not a personalized reading so I always recommend in my YouTube videos that you take resonates and release the rest.

Stength+ King of Cups

  • Show up as a leader and come from your heart, listen to the inner nudging or what’s pulling at your heartstring. This is your intuition leading you and don’t cower, so show up! You are the future kupuna, lead by example and be courageous. Share your heart and create.

8 of Pentacles

  • Integrating old skills to make something new and adding the new skills you’ve learned as you develope your craft even more! There is so much abundance and opportunity will come if you show up!

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