AFTER SHOW: Ep. 4 – Tarot Thursday

After Show

AFTER SHOW: Ep. 4 – Tarot Thursday

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind that this is a collective reading, not a personalized reading so I always recommend in my YouTube videos that you take resonates and release the rest.

We have a two part reading.

P A R T   1

8 of Pentacles + Death

  • A chance to change up the way you’re doing things with a skill set. This will bring in more income, opportunities and recognition.

3 of Swords , Queen of Swords + Page of Swords

  • You might going through a situation where you cut off someone or they separated themselves from you. This has been weighing on your heart heavily lately but it’s important to see the truth of the situation. Take responsibility for the fact that you had a part in this break up or seperation too. You can’t keep blaming them for it all. The court cards can represent people, the Queen could be a Virgo or Libra and the Page could be any air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). From what I can see I think this is all just a big miscommunication. The Queen is usually very straight forward and is very logical—rather than someone who’s emotional and reactive. She’s very vocal and probably good at speaking her mind, so sometimes she could come off as cold or emotionally unavailable, but it’s not true. The Page is someone who is immature, younger or ignorant to things, so maybe instead of cutting this person off, you need to teach them and be an example for them instead. Give them the guidance they need to help them to become wiser. FORGIVE!

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