Asking Guide


This is a beginners guide to understanding what the essence of tarot is – and how to get the best response that will resonate with you.

1. Please keep the question open ended – it shouldn’t have a yes or no answer.

INCORRECT FORMAT: “Will I move to Greece?”

(too broad, unless you want a broad answer)

CORRECT FORMAT: “What should I do in order to move to Greece?”

Here are more ways to come up with a question:

  • Could you give me more insight about…
  • I need some clarification in regards to…
  • What was the meaning of….
  • How will I know when…
  • What was the lesson when…
  • How can I improve my chances of…

2. Please avoid questions relating to time. For instance, “When will my boyfriend propose to me?”.

3. Also be aware of how detailed you get as I will be sharing these with the public unless you specify otherwise. Try to find a happy medium between being too specific and too vague. When the question is vague, you usually get whatever message the Universe feels you need to know instead of what you want to know.

4. Refrain from already having an outcome in mind. For example, “When will I get pregnant?”. Again, relates to time and I’m not a psychic, just a messenger and sometimes you shouldn’t know all the answers because life is best when going with the flow. I’d rephrase that question with something like, “How can I improve my chances of getting pregnant?”.

5. Lastly, keep your question focused on YOU. Don’t ask about other people, it’s difficult for me to channel for 3rd parties. It might work if you’re asking about your offspring, I have yet to try that though.