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Sticking to the plan even while on vacay.

I don’t know how the heck my body was functioning when I wasn’t drinking my superfood shake every single day. Starting my mornings off with this has been life-changing! According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurveda, when we wake up in the morning our bodies are thirsty, most of us mistake that feel with hunger. So starting your body off with liquids is helpful for optimizing your gut health.

This shake I drink isn’t some fad or trend, I consume it because of what it contains. I even let my kids drink it and they’re always asking me for it, which is dope because I trust and know what is going into their kino is all ‘ai pono, unlike all that McDonald’s and highly processed junks most people give to their keiki.

– blueberry
– camu-camu
– Luo Han Gao
– pomegranate
– rose hips

– Yacan root
– Chicory root
– lactase
– bacillus coagulans
– amylase
– cellulase

– chlorella
– spinach
– kale
– matcha green tea

and high-quality proteins, the one I have has pea, flax, quinoa, and rice protein.

My body is always craving for it because we don’t get all of these necessary nutrients and minerals with the “SAD Diet” (Standard American Diet). When I don’t drink it, I’m thinking about it all day long, so I just make it happen first thing in the AM or right after I workout—if you’re like me and like working out fasted.

If you’ve been curious, now is the time to try it! I’ve reached out to a few of you and all have said “I saw you were doing that and was gonna ask” no shame! Just ask! I don’t really want to be a hound or come off like an icky salesman so how about you “hound” me. I promise you, I won’t mind.

The more kānaka consuming this, the better for the lāhui!

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