A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content


A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

I live for our Sunday mornings together. Not gonna lie, before going to church, our Sunday’s consisted of late starts, lazy energy and we all stayed in our own rooms majority of the day. Now we get up early, hit the town and go on adventures and find cool spots like this place.

We actually didn’t go to church today, but we usually will drop off my oldest son — because he does Life Group with his friends in this morning and then they have Worship Practice (if you’re not familiar, he’s apart of the group that sings on stage).  After dropping him off, we usually venture out to find a breakfast spot.  Today, I found this cute, hole-in-the-wall place called, Coffee Pub.  It was on the side of a plaza that looked completely dead.  I ordered a tropic iced tea (that Kingston said tasted like gummy bears) and stuffed french toast (which had cream cheese and fresh strawberries), the boys both had Belgium waffles with fruit and Kame’i got some kind of omelet, I don’t remember.

I figure we sit outside since the weather is cooling down, here in Las Vegas, and it was sooooo nice!  Felt like late Spring in Utah.

Since we didn’t go to church, we headed back home and I did some decorating.  My daughter and her boyfriend like to paint, so I finally hung up their paintings on the wall.

In the first picture, Denzel painted the two in the middle that are horizontal. Leila did the one with the red flowers, the skull, Starry Night and the two by the door. Kame’i did the one with the kid’s hands and Leila’s friend, Riley, made the one with the eyes.

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