Annual Family Dinner

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Annual Family Dinner

Since moving to Las Vegas, at the end of the year my in-laws take all of their sons and wives out to eat at a nice restaurant. Last year we we to Oishi, an all-you-can-eat sushi bar. This year we checked out Nabe Hotpot. It was a lot of fun — being that this was our (The Beefcake & I) first shabu experience, but i probably won’t go back again.

Their broth wasn’t very tasty, the rice was under cooked, and they gave us sesame oil instead of tempura sauce for our shrimp tempura. I just feel like the longer you have to wait for your food to be corrected, the fuller you get, then you don’t really get your monies worth.

I will say their food is very fresh and high quality. I can usually tell that night if I get an upset stomach or not.

Now I’m inspired to have shabu shabu at home with the kids! They’re gonna love being able to make their own ramen. So I checked out amazon and they had a set that was about $50! I’m def getting two. So excited. Expect future hotpot posts from home!

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