Ascension Symptoms

Earth is going through an energetic change and since we live on this planet, itʻs natural that we will as well. Here are some things you may be experiencing as during this time.



Feeling like youʻre in an instant pot, meaning there could be a lot of pressure on your body, usually the head or shoulders. Body aches “for no reason,” this is stagnant energy wanting to be released from your body. Intense energy is hitting our planet and you’re acclimating this new energy.

WHAT TO DO: Lomi (rub/massage) and stretch these areas to loosen it up. Clear your meridians, Donna Eden has some amazing videos on YouTube to help with this.


There’s choke happening in your dream state aka the astral realm. When you wake up, youʻre giving your energetic body a break. These hours are when you should be in a deep sleep. Your body is detoxing your blood and lungs.

WHAT TO DO: On a physical level if you wake up at 2 this could mean that you have anger or irritability to let go of. This is when your Liver (1AM – 3AM) is active and processing nutrients and detoxes the body of toxins. Sidebar: Never eat during this time because your small intestines are weak. The Liver is overloaded and is struggling to function properly. Stop bottling up emotions.

Symptoms of imbalance in the Liver are:
Explosive outbursts of anger, resentment, irritability, moodiness, frustration, high blood pressure, PMS, bitter taste in mouth, migraines, breast tenderness, red face, tendonitis, frequent sighing. Eat less highly processed junk, drink less coffee, drink more water (half of your body weight in ounces), find a healthy way to express your frustration, and consume more WHOLE foods aka ʻai pono.

WHAT TO DO: On a physical level if you wake up around 4 this could mean that you have sadness or grief to let go of. This is when your Lungs 🫁 (3AM – 5AM) are active. The Lungs could be overloaded and is struggling to function properly.

Symptoms of imbalance in the Lungs are: not dealing with feelings of sadness or grief, shortness of breath, fever with chills, sore throat, runny nose, allergies, asthma, wheezing, coughing, chest pain, pale complexion, dry skin, depression, crying and constantly getting sick. Do more breathing exercises, meditation and yoga to improve the health of your Lungs. Process your emotions of sadness before it creates dis-ease aka disease of the Lungs.


Memory loss. Forgetting where you put your phone, or why you came into a room. No youʻre not getting old lol. On an energetic level, youʻre processing different dimensions simultaneously.

WHAT TO DO: This disconnect is normal and will go away, just be in the now and donʻt be too hard on yourself for forgetting. Maybe it wasnʻt important at that moment.


Have you ever zonked out while someone was talking to you? Or you notice that everything seems far away or like you zoomed out of your surroundings? Your physical body is going through a lot, this is something your body does to ease the transition process.

WHAT TO DO: Remove yourself from the situation and lay down for a little. If thatʻs not possible, go somewhere alone for a few minutes.


You might suddenly get tired in the middle of the day for no reason. Your energy body is losing a lot of mass and restructuring itself. This is taxing on the physical body.

WHAT TO DO: If youʻre able to, take a power nap. It might feel weird, especially if youʻre like me and arenʻt a ʻnapper.ʻ Honor the process if you can. Youʻll sleep like a baby and wake up feeling rejuvenated.


If you donʻt feel like doing anything. When you try to do your usual routines it feels awful or you dread it. This is because youʻre in a resting period. Donʻt force anything, let your bodies reboot. When itʻs time to do the work, you will know it. Youʻll have a ton of energy and youʻll want to do allllll the tingz.

WHAT TO DO: Use this time for nurturing and self-care, donʻt think you arenʻt making progress because you are evolving beyond what you used to be like.


Lower vibrational things of the 3D will not spark joy and thus, be rejected by you in various ways. You may not want to eat, maybe you wonʻt entertain certain conversations that you use to. Peopleʻs attitudes, societal structures, food choices, healing modalities, religious ideas will literally make you feel sick inside.

WHAT TO DO: You are in a higher vibration and your energies are no longer in alignment. No one is better than the other, these things will raise itʻs vibration according to Akuaʻs timing, not yours. Do not judge these things, just be the observer. Rejecting these things lowers your vibe.


Do you have flu symptoms but no one around you was sick? Maybe you have the runs but you have been eating the same things that never made you sick before. This is because your body is adjusting to a new, higher state of being.

WHAT TO DO: Stop eating those foods, make a journal so you know whatʻs going on if youʻre having a hard time figuring it out. Rest if you have those flu symptoms.


If you suddenly lose friends, suddenly lose your job, suddenly want to move out of your apartment or suddenly go in a new direction—that you didnʻt expect, or it wasnʻt part of your plan. Balance is being restored. You are evolving and these things didnʻt match your vibration. This is what I call “vibrating out.” You are vibrating out of relationships, and situations that arenʻt aligned with you any more.

WHAT TO DO: Donʻt resist. Let these changes happen. Donʻt cling on or force these things to stay in your life. Itʻll just make thing harder. Have ferocious faith.


This will make some people upset but you created this situation through resistance. Learn the lessons and move forward. Your soul is always guiding you so listen to the gentle nudges from your heart. Itʻs always speaking to you, but you have to stop and listen then make it happen. No one can do this for you. Thatʻs free will.

WHAT TO DO: Find your way to peace through this situation. Pass the test that your highest self setup for you. Youʻre ready. Once you pass through this, your life will elevate quickly.


Your body requires tremendous amount of energy to process whatʻs going on. If youʻve been eating often and a lot, this is the fuel that you need right now. If youʻre having a hard time losing weight no matter what you do, this isnʻt what you should be focusing on right now. Not everything is about the physical. Things will balance out later.

WHAT TO DO: Trust your body.


Emotional ups and downs are completely normal. This is how our emotional body releases and weʻve been releasing a lot!

WHAT TO DO: Let it flow!


Your ego is afraid of the changes coming because it doesnʻt feel comfortable not knowing what to expect. You will not have an ego death, this is an ascension process, everything will be elevated. Losing low vibration behavior patterns that you picked up from childhood could have you feeling scared because this is what you know or think is normal. This is a trauma response. See it for what it really is. This will be empowering and you donʻt need to worry.

WHAT TO DO: Tell your human brain (ego) that it is safe and loved.


Your external experience doesnʻt match your internal changes. Thereʻs a misalignment some where. Maybe you are high vibe and eat high vibe foods but your family doesnʻt. Maybe the people in your life are high vibe, but you arenʻt.

WHAT TO DO: Shift! Move out of the toxic household, cut off people lowering your vibration or if youʻre the second example, start listening to your soul and do the things that are aligned with your soul.


Some believe that when we go to sleep our spirit body travels to another realm, this could be why you wake up with hot flashes or night sweats. Your physical body is heating up because your spirit body is working.

Some say the stories playing out in our dreams are subconscious messages from our brain or our highest self. Which ever theory resonates with you is perfect.

WHAT TO DO: Take the messages or lessons being shown to you. Piece together how this can help you in your awake life.


Feeling disoriented and out of place. You are raising your frequency to match the planet’s. You’re vibrating out of the 3D (third dimension). You may feel like you don’t belong where you live or with the people you are around. A wanting to go home, as if everything is over and you don’t belong here anymore. We are returning to Source. Everything is over, but many of us are staying to experience and create the New World. Also, our old mission for even being on this planet has been completed.

WHAT TO DO: Trust the process, there isnʻt much I can tell you to do to.


There are different ways this could play out:

  1. Crowds, noise, foods, smells, TV, peopleʻs voices and various other stimulation are barely tolerable. You might feel easily overwhelmed. All of these “normal” things are now overstimulating to you in a way that makes you feel uneasy and maybe even annoyed. You are tuning up.
  2. Ever think you saw something at the corner of you eye or hear something that no one else can hear? Itʻs happening, youʻre not going pupule (crazy). You could be experiencing a different dimensions as you transition.

When your senses become heightened itʻs difficult to adjust and you might feel like youʻre going crazy, or like youʻre in the middle of a storm and everyone around you is crazy.

WHAT TO DO: Understand whatʻs happening and try your very best to not let it get to you, itʻs all part of the process. You are not going insane, or developing a mental illness. You are experiencing several dimensions at the same time because you now have a heightened awareness, which is a sign that you are opening up. This will get better, I promise.


Congratulations if you reached this symptom. This means you have cleared a lot of your old patterns and are embodying much more light and a simpler, more purified divine you. Maybe you donʻt eat the same foods or enjoy things you use to, like TV shows, going to the club etc. You are becoming the best version of you, just like the EArth.

WHAT TO DO: Congratulate yourself!

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