Do You Even Devo, Bro?

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Do You Even Devo, Bro?

I’m am 58 days deep into doing daily devotions and journaling about what I’m learning from the Bible and trying to apply these teachings to my life.  I feel so content and satiated — on a whole other level that I cannot even begin to explain.  If you would’ve told me last year around this time that I’d be going to church consistently, serving, and doing devotions, I would’ve called your crazy and probably laughed.  Almost 2 months into this and I feel like a completely different person, I have different goals, a different mindset, I have more patience, I don’t react to things, I feel at peace for once in my life.  Don’t get it twisted, my days are always filled with peace but I know how to bring myself back down to find it.  I know how to calm myself down and I’ve become much more compassionate towards others.  I feel like I’m judging others less and it’s a nice feeling.

I recently bought this book because I loved the daily devotion on the YouVersion Bible App but I think I might take a break from it because I want to try the Girl, Wash Your Face devotional first.

If you want to do this together, tune into my podcast!  I share them every single day on there.

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