Our weekend was eventful, per usual.

My younger sibling came up with Maria (the girlfriend), and we went one adventures.  Hit up a cool crystal shop near the strip, went to the indoor swap meet — wanted to fight the lady at the door, copped some of Conor McGregor’s whiskey and watched the fight, checked out Pure Aloha, and saw the nephews.  So we had full house since Trice was in town, and come Monday my house was quiet.  Our older two went to Utah for a month to spend time with my father (who was recently diagnosed with a progressive cancer) and the younger two are at school for most of the day.

Just a sidebar: Food at Pure Aloha SUCKS.  Don’t waste your money.

I’m enjoying my freedom.  Made some asian candy, it’s a sesame brittle called 花生芝麻糖, usually has peanuts but I don’t care for it that way — and didn’t have to share any of it (right away lol) so I have a little left.

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