Kame’i’s brother got married.  Jae looked absolutely stunning — she’s already fucking hot to begin with so duh!  The wedding flowed nicely, I’m not sure what happened in the background, but as a spectator, it was as if it was meant to be.  It almost made me wish I was having a wedding too but then I thought about how I could go out and eat with the money instead, then heels, and a dress….PASS!  We could go to a drive-thru wedding drunk and then eat at a fancy buffet where they have all you can eat crème brûlée.  That’d be more my style.

The reception was good fun, Uncle Guy was the MC, Leila caught the haku (bouquet), food was BOMB and Kama’s (the groom) good friend Elijah (Johnny Suite) performed and my father-in-laws band too.


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