The Sibling


The Sibling

My younger sibling has recently moved in with me, I’m excited and a little scared.  It happened all pretty quick.  The me a year ago would have said no to this plan, but I’ve done a ton of work on forgiving and I really do want to see Trice do better.  Since this change, we’ve been walking every morning at the park for about 2 hours.  It’s been nice, that’s how I got that shot of the ducks.  I even started playing Pokemon lol which gets me out of the house more often, because we don’t want to get cabin fever.  In fact, right after I publish this, I’m going to take feed the kids and take them to the park.

So far it’s been really nice catching up, I’ve taken Trice to some awesome food spots I love, because she’s a foodie too.  Yesterday she got a job with really good pay, so I’m high key hopeful she’ll be out of here soon, just half joking!

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