The Up Side


The Up Side

I‘m so thankful for Kame’i, he’s always been the same towards me since we met. He’s always kept it honest with me and I think that’s why we’ve been together for so long. There’s no secrets, there’s not shade, there’s not bullshit. Everything is out in the open and he’s always supportive of me and my stupid choices because he trusts my judgement — most of the time.  Friday night he made dinner, even though he had a full day of work.  He made his Korean style garlic chicken. He doesn’t cook a lot but when he does, it’s always good.

Be jealous!

Saturday we took it easy. Went to a park and had a picnic with The Heathens.  Mr. Brown decided to stay home.  It was pretty hot, so we stayed for a few hours, then headed towards Double D’s work, there’s a car wash across the street so while we waited for her to shop after work, we cleaned up the car.  It’s been a mess (the outside) since we had spring weather for two days lol.  Now it’s the start of summer.

Lone Mountain Park

The past two weeks have been pretty ‘eventful,’ if you tune into the podcast, then you already know. Nothing I really want to blog about to be honest. I’ve already taken it off of the show as of today. Things are calming down and getting better.  2018 has been full of lessons and I’ve had the chance to really look at how I manage our finances. We’ve also been being much more social these days, and spending more time with friends and family. Not that we didn’t want to before but it’s hard to want to be around others when you’re not feeling 100 — even if you know they’re going to be supportive. We just don’t want to be the ones to bring down the vibe.

I’m really grateful for everything that happened, even if it was like going through some type of crisis. Now I have so much clarity as to who is really supportive of us (shout out to Maka, Jordan, Jerilyn, Helen, Dion & my in-laws) and who isn’t, how people really feel about me and now I know where I stand with others. People put up a facade because they want people to like them and when shit hits the fan, you see their ugly side and they tell you what they REALLY think about you.

Mahalo to my squad.

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