Waibes Never Lie


Waibes Never Lie

The Honua has a frequency that is measured, this is referred to as the Schumann Resonance (SR). Earth use to vibrate 7.83 Hz but it is now at 30 Hz.

Iʻm sure you have heard people say things like “high vibe” or “raise your vibration” this is what theyʻre actually referring to, even if they donʻt realize it. We all have our own “SR” if you really think about it, this is our vibe and the reason when someone walks into a room you can tell if theyʻre upset or excited. Our kino has a bioenergetic field which is called your aura. This is generated by the different piko mana (energy centers or chakras) in and around our kino which is the mana you give off. When you are able to atune your body to the frequency of the Earth, through various ways of consumption (food you eat, people you are around, media you watch, music you listen to etc.) you can either heal or hurt yourself. The body intrinsically knows what it needs to do to heal itself, and with the help of the Earth, it can do this quicker and much more efficiently than on itʻs own.

When you are told to ground your energy, this means to balance your energy. You do this by reconnecting with who/what? THE EARTH. You literally sit on the ground, or consume foods that grow in the ground (to name a few). This is the process of bringing you back into balance with Earthʻs frequency.

Last night we got hit with a Coronal Hole High Speed Stream (CH HSS), which is basically…hot ass plasma flying towards our planet at 500 kilometers per second or 311 miles per second. This increases our solar wind speed and temperature, and the impact of this HSS was strong enough to cause a geomagnetic storm (shown in the table above).

These geomagnetic storms also interact with our personal electromagnetic/bioenergetic (pick one) field (our aura), and desynchronize our internal biological system (the circadian rhythm) which governs our sleep patterns. Our third maka (pituitary gland) will produce more melatonin which affects our intuition and sleep as well. This can result in a heightened psychic awareness, some people can feel triggered or on edge, others may feel anxious. This is because our nervous system also is disrupted by the extra mana coming in.

You might notice that your senses are extremely sensitive as you adjust to this influx of energy. You may feel things more than usual, hear things louder, dreams become extremely vivid (if you were asleep) and astral projection is something we all can do, but it becomes more likely to happen even if you werenʻt really trying. Headaches and migraines, or pressure in the head are common as well.

None of this is bad or negative, trust the WAIbes (vibes) because it never lie. Allow the energy to integrate with your kino. Stretch, meditate, rest, drink good quality wai, and journal. Do what you need to do to get on the same vibration as Mother Earth. If youʻre feeling good and energized today, then that means youʻre on the same page as kāhonua! Keep doing what you are doing. If youʻre not, as I said, itʻs not a bad thing. Itʻs an opportunity to course-correct, so do what you need to do.

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