Weekend Vibes


Weekend Vibes

Such a nice weekend with the kids and Kame’i.

Since we’ve started going to church consistently and serving, our lives have made a huge shirt. I thought by doing this we would be drained — energetically & financially and also never have time for our family. I was totally wrong.

I feel completely fulfilled an look forward to our weekends, even with all the extra driving during the week, late evenings at church, will still manage to put gas in our car (living paycheck to paycheck off one income) and even get to do small things together like go to Zero Degrees for lunch. At first I felt super tired, but it’s gotten better as we adjusted. I honestly feel like this has brought us closer too, because instead of being at home watching screens in different rooms, we socialize with each other more — as well as other like minded people.

This weekend, the older kids and I attended a class with our church and officially became members. Today we did communion and went out for lunch. Leila and her boyfriend are joining the Children’s Ministry, Kai is continuing to learn how to play the piano, do the soundboard and now how to operate and record sermons. So proud of them.

Feeling very grateful for everything that has happened over the past 5 weeks. Mahalo for not giving up on me, Father. Thank you for bringing us all together, giving us purpose & making a way.

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