What Your Faith Looks Like

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What Your Faith Looks Like

This is a picture I took the other week and was hesitant to share it, but maybe because of this full moon in sidereal Leo I’m feeling a little courageous and feeling like speaking from my heart to shine some light on a touchy subject.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you what your faith or spirituality should look like. Just because it doesn’t resonate with others, doesn’t mean that you were doing something wrong. If your intentions are good and you can sleep well at night, then keep on doing you. Don’t let any of these self-righteous asses shove their beliefs or agenda on you. No one has it completely figured out, so we all are doing the best that we can with what we have and what we know.

If that means going to church a couple times a week, serving a shit ton of hours and daily devotions, if that means watching service strictly online and journaling, if that means going hiking with your black cat and talking to trees, if that means guided meditations, drinking cacao elixirs and dancing nude under the moon, if that mean sungazing and earthing (walking barefoot), stay in your lane and don’t make other feel like they’re fucking up because they’re different. That’s the dopest part of life, individuality and free will.

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