Wisdom for @braddahwisdom


Wisdom for @braddahwisdom

No drama, I’m addressing the elephant in the room and a very real issue that we, kanaka, are dealing with.

This is more than someone being a copycat.

As a content creator this happens to me a lot, and I have come to the point in my life where I let it go because I understand that followers mimic leaders, but like I said, this is so much deeper than just that. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

  1. A kāne (male) is blatantly undermining and plagiarizing the intellectual and creative work of a wahine (woman)—a very clear example of how a misogynistic/patriarchal-colonial mindset operates.
  2. We all know that itʻs not pono when someone thinks that itʻs ok to take whatever they want and make it their own, but then to turn around and act like theyʻre trying to uplift or “kōkua” a community of people who have open wounds surrounding the very exact thing this person did to others. Kanaka are fighting against the same mentality from oppressive colonizers and government officials RIGHT NOW!

Many of you have reached out to me and expressed your anger, and I feel like you guys might be more upset by this than me. I understand why you feel this way, and I think itʻs important for you to see that too. Anger is a secondary emotion, so let’s pretend that anger is a volcano. Before it erupts thereʻs a lot going on underneath the surface that we donʻt know or acknowledge. So anger is always triggered by other emotions. We all know itʻs scientifically proven that generational trauma (negativity our ancestors experienced) can be passed down in our DNA. So this is triggering the memories of oppression, desecration, hurt, etc. and maybe on a subconscious level you know that he is teaching and perpetuating the disrespect of others, not asking permission, men > women, stealing, inauthenticity, popularity matters, negativity and masking it all with positivity. It’s all ego driven 💩.

Some of you are ignorant and donʻt understand, or maybe you just donʻt care, thatʻs fine but please don’t tag me on your story with him, I will block you #automatic

I feel disrespected by this man, and your support of his content is like a pa’i to my face, our kūpuna, the kanaka on the frontline, and our people in general.

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