Words are Spells

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Words are Spells

Never speak badly about yourself—even in a joking way. Spirit and your mind donʻt filter through your spells for what you really mean and what you donʻt. What you think and what you say are declarations, you are declaring to Akua what you want more of. This is why writing out words is called spelling. Every time you think, write or say something, you are co-creating with God and your highest being to bring it to fruition. Try shifting the narrative about yourself and watch how your life changes.


Mantras are affirmations that help you to attract the things you want into your life. Theyʻre powerful when used consistently over an extended amount of time. I was introduced to the mantra Iʻm going to share with you in the Spring of this year (2019) and I think itʻs a huge part of how I changed my life around. I noticed it first in my finances, we were struggling to pay our bills as a one-income household and then things just started working, bills were getting paid on time because we actually had the funds. I also noticed my hormones werenʻt so imbalanced because I went from having my period twice a year to a regular menstrual cycle over the course of nine months (I added this into this post on Januar 10, 2020).

I am open to receive, I am deserving to receive, therefore I am receiving and attracting:

  • major success
  • prosperity
  • abundance
  • peace
  • harmony
  • love
  • knowledge
  • positive mental downloads
  • good vibes
  • millions of monies
  • and optimal health

into my life, right now, today and tomorrow, to infinity and beyond. I love myself and others. And so it is. Amene!

This is a modified version of @benevolent_blizzʻs, so feel free to add or remove, reword things so that it resonates for you!

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