How to Get Your Heart-Centered Business Started

I’ve been working from home — running my own business, since 2012. I can honestly say that I’m not completely pleased with the outcome of my businesses, but if I were to start up today, these are some tips that I would find extremely helpful as a newbie. Had I known these things, I think my business would have thrived and been much more successful.

The most essential part to starting up ANYTHING is pen to paper. Most people don’t realize the magick it adds to bringing things to fruition. So everything I suggest in this post, WRITE IT DOWN. Your ideas, how much time you are investing, your blueprint (plan) etc.

Don’t slack on this part because IT is essential — and I think it helps to speed up the process when you visually can see things.


The first — and most important thing you need to figure out is your niche. I suggest looking at your skill sets. What are you naturally good at? What are some talents or gifts that you have? If you struggle with this, think about what people always compliment you on. Do people say that your makeup on fleek? What about the way you design your home?

Your talent could be something YOU may not even realize because it’s something intrinsic to you. THAT’S your niche. When you learn how to monetize your abilities — that you also enjoy doing, that’s when you hit soultrepreneur gold! You’ll never feel like you are working, or being a slave to anything, because you will love doing what you do so much. It’ll add joy to your life.


Getting crystal clear on how much time you are going to dedicate to your business is vital. Don’t feel pressured to do what others have done, find what works with your schedule. If that means MWF after work and dinner you have a power hour from 7 PM to 8 PM, PERFECT! Just figure it out, and WRITE IT DOWN.


Now that you know what your business will be about, and how much time you can dedicate, you need to map out how you are going to do things. Will this be solely online, offline, or both? Do you need a website? Do you need business cards? Set deadlines for all of the little steps, not the big leaps. For instance, if you need a website built and you’re doing it yourself, list all of the things you might need to do to get the site launched.

  • purchase server
  • buy domain name
  • email address
  • contact page
  • about page
  • welcome page
  • images (logo, background etc.)
  • blog
  • shop

Next to those little steps write a date your want to have each thing done by. So instead of saying you want the site done by October 31st, I would focus more on the little tasks than the huge task. It makes it seem much more tangible.


Link up with some (h)Omies. If you know people who are good at things that you aren’t, delegate. Work together, not everyone is focused on making money, some people will be willing to barter services. Finding your squad will help take off a load of stress. You might need someone to design for you, to keep you accountable, to create documents, to take photos. Whatever it is, find your tribe and build each other up. Invest into their talents and gifts, or their business. Having an even exchange of energy and open communication is what will make this a lasting business relationship.

S H O W   U P

Getting laser focused on your business.

Showing up for yourself — or others, will make or break this biz. You could have the most amazing business idea, and the most beautiful site design in the Universe, but if you’re not doing anything to build your business, it all means nothing. Consistency and dedication were the hardest things for me, because I’m not a creature of habit.

I thrive when there is change and I’ve had to learn how to be much more consistent by holding myself accountable to other people. As silly as that sounds, knowing I have to do something for someone else will keep me in check. When it comes to myself, I can procrastinate, I can get distracted because no one knows. So be super honest with yourself and do whatever you need to do to SHOW UP.

W H A T   N O T   T O   D O

Now that I gave you some pointers on what you can do, I want to leave you with one thing that you should never do.

Asking others about their biz is pointless — unless you’re living parallel lives and running similar businesses. All this will do is have you comparing yourself and that’ll add unnecessary pressure to you, or have you thinking that you’re not doing things right, when in reality, you always do everything right for you, even when you think you’re making bad choices. Running your business in your own authentic way, and trusting in the divine time of it versus creating unrealistic expectations, will be the biggest favor your can do for yourself and your business.

Now that you have somewhere to start, get to work! Leave any questions, and comments below. I’d love to hear what type of business you’re starting!

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