9:9:9 Activation

ʻŌlelo o Nā Lani

9:9:9 Activation

It’s 9/9 & in 9 days Saturn will station direct in Sidereal Sagittarius. During the next 9 days we’ll be ending a challenging 9 month cycle of karmic contracts dealing w/self-imposed limitations, fears, establishing/not establishing personal boundaries, & toxic behavior patterns.

Work on clearing out these outmoded ways by leaving behind unhealthy relationships, thought patterns, ways of being, low vibe situations etc. so that you can progress to the next chapter in your life. Apply what you’ve learned to this next phase. DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME PATTERNS!

9 represents endings, shedding the old and vibrates with being of service to others without motive or conditions. 9 is linked with wisdom, maturity, responsibility & doing what’s altruistic which also sounds a lot like some of the traits Saturn has.

I bet you’ve been working on, or felt called to release these things, already. Apply the knowledge, change your belief system—based on the experiences you had over the past 9 months, so that when Saturn goes direct, you can progress w/out anything holding you back.

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