New 🌑 Moon in Aquarius: Stop! Collaborate & Listen

ʻŌlelo o Nā Lani

New 🌑 Moon in Aquarius: Stop! Collaborate & Listen

The New Moon will peak in Sidereal Aquarius 21°39′ at 8:04 PM PST, and that means IT’S TIME TO SWITCH GEARS IN A MAJOR WAY, HOES!


The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and setting intentions because it’s the start of a lunar month, kind of like how we have a solar month with the Gregorian Calendar which uses a solar dating system.  With the luminaries in the same sign aka on the same page, it’ll be easier for you to receive their signals and instruction. Think about what you want to achieve over the next 28 (or so) days. Since the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, we’ll be planting seeds of Aquarian qualities. Aquarius is eccentric, innovative, humanitarian, rebellious and intellectual. So what are some things that you can do that will affect your community, family or team? How can you participate in a group with a common interest?


IMAGE CREDIT: Prince Láuder

First, let’s dive into what Aquarius represents and the energy it expresses. This is a fixed air sign that’s represented by a person pouring water out of a pot on to dry land. There’s a lot of confusion around Aquarius because some people think it’s a water sign, since it’s glyph and image deals with water, but the symbology of it’s image shows a person disconnecting them self from their emotions (water), they’re also helping this barren land to grow by giving it the elixir of life, water. Aquarius is radical, unique AF and non-conforming. She has zero chill when it comes to being a harbinger of change to the collective, and she doesn’t know what it means to be subtle so she is not afraid to rock the boat in order to bring awareness to the masses. People who have an Aquarius dominant chart are always thinking about the future, they’re ahead of their time—so much so, that people just don’t get them. They look at them as “weirdos” but fast forward a few years, and they’re doing the same shit Aquarius was doing, while the Aquarian is already on to the next thing. So you can look at them as trend setters, without even trying to be trendy.

Uranus is it’s ruling planet and he’s known for sudden change, reform, technology and revolution.  Uranus governs the electrical impulses in our nervous system because he conducts electrical and magnetic fields in the physical body.

Fun fact: Uranus is the 3rd largest planet in our solar system. He is known as an ice giant due to having frozen water as a part of it’s composition and because it has the coldest planetary atmosphere. Sometimes I think of him as the Ice King from Adventure Time.


Being that Aquarius can easily disconnect from their feelings in order to power their ideals and beliefs, this New Moon is going to feel a lot more like a Full Moon—you might even hear people mistakenly calling it a Full Moon—but don’t let these hoes tell you it’s happening in Pisces. We’ll all be feeling urged to release anything fucking with our vibe or what we want to accomplish. I highly recommend that you right down some goals you want to achieve for this lunar month, and make another list of things that could get in the way of you creating the outcome. Doing this will help you to see what you need to swerve.


Be aware of thinking you know everything or you’re right about everything. Get off of your high horse and see how you’re just being defensive. Another gift and curse of this energy is the ability to disconnect from our feelings or from the feelings of others. Be open to fresh perspectives, even if they’re not yours. One word: altruistism


Moon/Mars Sextile 3:26 AM

We’ll all be feeling independent while also being a part of a collaborative project and taking the lead. Everyone will be supportive and respectful of each other and many will feel gutsier than usually to fight for a worthy cause in support of others. There’s a reciprocal competitive nature to this energy which make success come easy.

Moon/Neptune Conjunct 8:04 AM

Do not, under any circumstances, hide your true feelings about anything right now. Pay attention to your dreams even more so, because they’ll be giving you insights you need right now, as things could be a little confusing. The Universe will be giving you all the right signals but there could be too much static noise that’s drowning out the subtle messages from Spirit. When dealing with other people, do not take on their baggage and make it your own. It’s one thing to want to help but another thing when you become too emotionally involved.

Moon/Saturn Sextile 12:58 PM

Saturn brings in some much needed support to have you feeling ultra productive as you take action steps with intentions you’re setting right now. When dealing with other people, this transit helps to make you feel secure and gives you some much needed patience, as Mars could have you feeling like you need to go, go, go, or beat anyone’s ass if they get in your way. Pace yourself and be tolerant. What you’re working on needs to have a lasting effect, so take your muthafuckin’ time, hoe! Focus more on working quietly than making a big show of what you’re doing, you’ll definitely accomplish a lot more by letting your results speak.

Moon/Jupiter Square 9:37 PM

Make sure that the direction you’re heading is realistic and not over the top. You’ll be confident in what you’re doing and feeling optimistic, but luck alone is going to accomplish shit, it’s the work you put forth. Let Saturn guide you.

Moon/Pluto Sextile 9:41 PM

You’ll be able to get in touch with your deepest feelings, not in a negative way but in a way that’ll only help you. Take care of any domestic repairs, and restore order in your home and work life. Clean out anything that you no longer want or need, emotionally and physically—with the body, people or things. This transit is helpful in seeing the reason you have addictions or bad habits, 86 that shit.


The sky is divided up into 27 regions that contain fixed stars groups which have an affect on the Moon, in Vedic Astrology it’s called a Nakshatra or a lunar mansion.

This New Moon will conjoin with two fiery fixed stars in the “Great Square” located in the Pegasus constellation.  These stars are malefic in nature, Markab is comparable to Mars and Mercury, while Scheat has a Saturnian vibe to it. This lunar mansion represents a coffin, or the front legs of a stretcher which both can be associated with a body being carried to another “area.” Being that these fixed stars are associated with endings and the Great Square is known for being a portal of sorts, this New Moon will have a little bit of a Full Moon feeling to it because we’ll be feeling called to extricate any attachments of this world as we allow a part of us to die.  Crazy because this goes along with the March 2019 Forecast I recorded yesterday, I’m writing this on March 2.


Take some big risks this lunar month, it’ll be worth it because you’ll surprise yourself.


In order to get an accurate interpretation of how this will influence you based on your birth chart, you must know your Sidereal MOON sign.  You can shoot me $5 via cashapp ($hoelistic) or venmo (sahakehau) to generate yours—this is not a reading just a visual of your chart in PDF format.  Make sure you include your birth date, time and location.  If you have a good understanding or want to challenge yourself, look up your Rising Sign as well.


SELF IMAGE: The Self, Your Personality and Appearance, Your Personal Views on Life, Self Identity, Self Image, Beginnings, How you Initiate, Physical Body


MATERIAL WORLD: Possessions, Money, Stability, Values, Hidden Talents, Sense of Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and How You Value Yourself, Financial Gains, How You Spend Your Own Money, Livelihood, Material Circumstances


COMMUNICATION CENTER: Communication, Memory, Perception, Local Movement or Short Journeys, Neighbors, All Forms of Transportation, Thinking Patterns, Early Education, School(s), Siblings

≥ 22° LIBRA & 0° – 21° SCORPIO MOON • 4TH HOUSE

HOME LIFE: Home and Home Life, Emotions, Subconscious Mind, Family, Your Roots, Land, Personal Foundations, Inner Emotional Security, Mother Figure or Parents

≥ 22° VIRGO & 0° – 21° LIBRA MOON • 5TH HOUSE

PLEASURE PALACE: Children, Creativity, Pursuit of Pleasure, Love Affairs, Personal Interests, Hobbies, Teaching, Self-Expression, Love Given, Romance, Entertainment and Fun

≥ 22° LEO & 0° – 21° VIRGO • 6TH HOUSE

HABITS & HEALTH: Health, Work, Service, Skills, Habits, Physical Sickness, Physical Ability, Employees, Coworkers, Chores, Care Taking, Routine, Pets and Small Animals

≥ 22° CANCER & 0° – 21° LEO MOON • 7TH HOUSE

COMMITMENTS: Partners, Marriage, Contracts, Cooperative Relationships, Divorce, Lawsuits, Separation, Open Enemies

≥ 22° GEMINI & 0° – 21° CANCER MOON • 8TH HOUSE

TABOO TOPICS: Sex, Death, Transformations, Inheritances, Joint Finances, Taxes, Possessions, Personal Sacrifices, Loss, Other People’s Money and Possessions, Clairvoyance

≥ 22° TAURUS & 0° – 21° GEMINI MOON • 9TH HOUSE

BIGGER PICTURE: Beliefs, Teaching, Travel, Higher Education, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics and Morals, Dreams, Visions, Ideas, Laws

≥ 22° ARIES & 0° – 21° TAURUS MOON • 10TH HOUSE

CAREER SECTOR: Career, Social Status, Calling, Ambitions, Bosses, Authority Figures, Honor, Community Power, Reputation, Dominant Parent

≥ 22° PISCES & 0° – 21° ARIES MOON • 11TH HOUSE

FRIEND ZONE: Friendships, Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Social Groups, Community, Aspirations, Associations, Networks, Helpful People

≥ 22° AQUARIUS & 0° – 21° PISCES MOON • 12TH HOUSE

SECRET SPOT: Self-Undoing, Unconscious Mind, Seclusion, Endings, Secret Enemies, Hidden Matters, Karmic Debts, Escapism, Limitations, Hospitals, Prisons, Dreams

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