Saturn ℞ 2019: Payback

ʻŌlelo o Nā Lani

Saturn ℞ 2019: Payback

On April 29, 2019 at 6:16 PM Pacific Time, Saturn will station retrograde at 26° 23′ of Sagittarius until September 18, 2019 at 1:25 AM Pacific Time, when Saturn will station direct at 19°46′ of Sagittarius.


When planets are in retrograde it doesn’t mean they’re actually going backwards. What it means is that from the perspective of Earth, the planet looks like it’s traveling in the opposite direction of what we’re use to seeing. The reason is because Earth is traveling past the planet in comparison to it’s orbit. An analogy I’ve used in the past to help people to understand this would be to imagine you’re driving on a two lane street. One lane is going in one direction and the other is going in the opposite direction. Now let’s say you want to pass the car in front of you. You’ll probably cut over into the other lane when there isn’t any on-coming cars, and pass the vehicle by going quicker than their speed. For a split second, you’re actually going the same exact speed as their car and this is when Saturn is “station direct.” Saturn appears to stop moving in the sky, or slow down, just as the car next to you. When you overtake the car by going faster, it looks as if they’re going backwards from your perspective in the car, and this is when Saturn is in retrograde. The other car isn’t actually going in reverse, it just appears that way.

Some classic Saturn Retrograde (S) associations are karmic payback, procrastination, restrictions, fear/anxiety, brain fog, depression, and loneliness. Saturn will be testing our understanding and teaching us some important lessons that will be of great value to you.


Saturn in Sagittarius highlights truth, discipline and mastery. Saturn is serious about higher education, spirituality and travel. He understands the hustle in order to reach a desire destination. People who have this in a favorable placement natally will push themselves to achieve what they want because they allow healthy fears to motivate them. People with an unfavorable placement natally are submissive and lack direction. So look to the house activated in your chart below and be honest with yourself, have you been expanding those aspects in your life or restricting them? This will deem your karma and give you a heads up on any debts you might owe.


During this retrograde, you’ll be faced with lessons and blessings. Lessons if you haven’t been taking care of your responsibilities and blessings if you’ve been doing what you’re meant to do. It’s not too late to change things, so be courageous and try new things, accept the harsh truths and allow them to heal you.

In order to get an accurate interpretation of how this will influence you based on your birth chart, you must know your Sidereal RISING/ASCENDANT sign.  You can shoot me $5 via cashapp ($hoelistic) or venmo (sahakehau) to generate yours—this is not a reading just a visual of your chart in PDF format.  Make sure you include your birth date, time and location.


SELF IMAGE: The Self, Your Personality and Appearance, Your Personal Views on Life, Self Identity, Self Image, Beginnings, How you Initiate, Physical Body

27° – 29° LIBRA & 0° – 26° SCORPIO RISING • 2ND HOUSE

MATERIAL WORLD: Possessions, Money, Stability, Values, Hidden Talents, Sense of Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and How You Value Yourself, Financial Gains, How You Spend Your Own Money, Livelihood, Material Circumstances

27° – 29° VIRGO & 0° – 26° LIBRA RISING • 3RD HOUSE

COMMUNICATION CENTER: Communication, Memory, Perception, Local Movement or Short Journeys, Neighbors, All Forms of Transportation, Thinking Patterns, Early Education, School(s), Siblings

27° – 29° LEO & 0° – 26° VIRGO RISING • 4TH HOUSE

HOME LIFE: Home and Home Life, Emotions, Subconscious Mind, Family, Your Roots, Land, Personal Foundations, Inner Emotional Security, Mother Figure or Parents

27° – 29° CANCER & 0° – 26° LEO RISING • 5TH HOUSE

PLEASURE PALACE: Children, Creativity, Pursuit of Pleasure, Love Affairs, Personal Interests, Hobbies, Teaching, Self-Expression, Love Given, Romance, Entertainment and Fun

27° – 29° GEMINI & 0° – 26° CANCER • 6TH HOUSE

HABITS & HEALTH: Health, Work, Service, Skills, Habits, Physical Sickness, Physical Ability, Employees, Coworkers, Chores, Care Taking, Routine, Pets and Small Animals

27° – 29° TAURUS & 0° – 26° GEMINI RISING • 7TH HOUSE

COMMITMENTS: Partners, Marriage, Contracts, Cooperative Relationships, Divorce, Lawsuits, Separation, Open Enemies

27° – 29° ARIES & 0° – 26° TAURUS RISING • 8TH HOUSE

TABOO TOPICS: Sex, Death, Transformations, Inheritances, Joint Finances, Taxes, Possessions, Personal Sacrifices, Loss, Other People’s Money and Possessions, Clairvoyance

27° – 29° PISCES & 0° – 26° ARIES RISING • 9TH HOUSE

BIGGER PICTURE: Beliefs, Teaching, Travel, Higher Education, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics and Morals, Dreams, Visions, Ideas, Laws

27° – 29° AQUARIUS & 0° – 26° PISCES RISING • 10TH HOUSE

CAREER SECTOR: Career, Social Status, Calling, Ambitions, Bosses, Authority Figures, Honor, Community Power, Reputation, Dominant Parent


FRIEND ZONE: Friendships, Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Social Groups, Community, Aspirations, Associations, Networks, Helpful People


SECRET SPOT: Self-Undoing, Unconscious Mind, Seclusion, Endings, Secret Enemies, Hidden Matters, Karmic Debts, Escapism, Limitations, Hospitals, Prisons, Dreams

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