Stop, Drop & Flow

ʻŌlelo o Nā Lani

Stop, Drop & Flow

As Mercury stations direct, it looks as if the planet is slowing down in the sky. This is one of the most intense times of a retrograde (℞) for any planet the does this. Being that Mercury governs the masculine side of the mind which handles thought processes and logic, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little out of sorts over the next couple of days. You might be confused, take things out of context or have misunderstandings with other people. So…be easy. Don’t give anymore attention to petty topics and make time to just be alone! Pisces loves their alone time and are also knows for being really petty when they’re out of balance.

As we experience this build up towards the moment Mercury stations direct at 22° Aquarius on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 6:59 AM—where the New Moon on March 5th PEAKED, which was also the same day Mercury went ℞—you may feel a sense of urgency to purge or clear out things that have been plaguing the mind since Mercury’s Retrograde phase began. I say, HOLD OFF! Don’t be too quick to cut ties because you may end up regretting it since you aren’t seeing things clearly right now.

Think of your mind as a computer, it’s like it’s was downloading an upgrade, which slows down the whole entire system. The SD is when the update is being installed, and once it boots back up, that’s when Mercury is going direct.

The theme of this M℞ has been all about revisiting feelings, ideas, thoughts and/or conversations and not experiencing any closer, change or resolution. There also was too much attention on petty topics that didn’t really need the conversation over more important ones which will leave these critical subjects neglected or unresolved.

Mercury will have a third and final pass through Aquarius and arrive back at 5° of Pisces again (where he went retrograde) therefore we have a chance to apply what we’ve learned as we reorganized, reflected, regrouped, re-evaluated etc., shit over the past few weeks during Mercury’s ℞ period. I suggest applying a new approach to how you normally would do things, take a look at how you can respond in an alternate way to situations or people with this new understanding of yourself, other people or situations. You should have a lot more clarity and see how what you were doing wasn’t serving your highest good. When Mercury hits 5° of Pisces, you can expect a release, a sense of closure, or an actual ending of something that has been repeating itself.

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