The Come Up

ʻŌlelo o Nā Lani

The Come Up

The (Super) Full 🌕 Moon will peak on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in 06°02′ of Sidereal Virgo at 6:44 PM PDT.


The Full Moon is the climax of the lunar month that corresponds with the transitions from youth to maturity in the life cycles, ovulation in the menstrual cycles and the culmination of the Summer season with the Solstice. This Moon phase is considered Yang, meaning a time to take action—it’s a masculine energy. When we have a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition—directly across each other, and the Moon acts like a mirror by reflecting the Sun’s light onto Earth. Metaphorically speaking, this is operating like a lighthouse and showing us the path we must take to continue on with our New Moon intentions. It also shows us opposing forces or polarities in our lives affecting the house activated in our charts; you can find that information at the end of this post. We’ll start to figure out what has worked and what didn’t work from the past two and a half weeks, and our next steps will become very obvious. This will usually manifest as things to release that aren’t in alignment with our goals for this particular Moon Cycle. It doesn’t matter if we set intentions or not, we’ll be feeling called to let go of a lot of shit right now, it could be material things, relationships, toxic behavior patterns, or even unconscious thoughts that aren’t serving our highest good. So be open to the process, because it’ll happen any way.

As you let go of various things over the next few days, it’s important to forgive and move forward with gratitude for what you do have, to prep this space to be filled again with something new. As you feel the call to extricate a conglomeration of crap you’ve been clinging on to, do not work against this, as it’ll only make it THAT much harder for you.

With Virgo and Pisces involved in this tug o’ war, imagine a magical axis that brings together a grounding (earth) and a nutritive (water) energy which nourishes us on many different levels—physical, emotional, spiritual etc.


IMAGE CREDIT: Prince Láuder

This is one of the most condemned signs of the zodiac. It’s seen as emotionally disconnected, overreaching, worrisome, skeptical, fault finding, and judgemental. But it has it’s good side. Virgos are oriented towards being of services to others, they have high standards because they want to deliver the best possible work or service, they’re methodical and detail oriented. They’re hardworking, prudent and skilled in letters, numbers and measuring. They’re also tidy AF and need a sense of order or organization—everything has it’s place.

SIDEBAR:  People will bash the shit out of this energy not even realizing, YOU HAVE THIS SHIT IN YOUR CHART TOO, BOO. When you are steady talking trash on a zodiac sign, it’s clearly 1. A projection because you don’t want to acknowledge shit in yourself. I know this because I’ve done it! Now that I’ve come to terms with parts of myself that hypercritical of myself and others, the way I neglect being the best version of myself by not taking care of myself, I’ve stopped all of that mess. Or 2. You are getting in the way of tapping into your Virgo energy and feel some type of way about people who can intrinsically do this. So before you get on your high horse and talk about judgemental Virgos and how they’re perfectionist or whatever you’re going to say, look in the mirror. Do better, level the fuck up!


Time for us to get our shit together! We’ll be feeling called to organize the chaos in our lives through daily routines or rituals. Taking a look at how we can better serve others but before you can do that, you MUST HELP YOURSELF FIRST! Stop worrying and complaining about things and focus more on what you can do to change those things instead. Try your best to not nitpick or be hyper critical about things, even yourself. Pay attention to details that you need to take care of.


This is our last chance to level the fuck up and end this Astrological Year strong, before the next one begins when the Sun enters Aries on April 14, 2019 at 1:39 AM PDT. Stay on task, focus on getting yourself right based off the house activated in your natal chart.


The Moon will be aspecting other planets in our solar system which will influence us on an emotional level. Being that it is during a Super Full Moon, it’ll be felt much stronger than usual.

Long story short: We all should be excited and feeling good about being productive, and getting rid of things not in alignment with our best interest. Just be careful of how you say things to others, it could be taken the wrong way or out of context and cause major upsets that get blown way out of proportion.

Moon/Saturn – Trine @ 1:15 AM

Have patience and be reserved if dealing with bullshit—for a lack of a better word, I blame Mercury Retrograde. Stay busy being productive so that you have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. We’re trying to level up.


Moon/Mercury – Opposition @ 1:34 AM

The thoughts stem from how you feel rather than logic, so don’t make choices or say shit you might regret. Think or rehearse before you say anything and make sure what you are saying comes from facts you verified yourself, or is your highest truth.


Moon/Pluto – Trine @ 7:03 AM

Spring clean your home and the home of your soul—your body. You’ll be more willing to let go of shit not sparking joy, shout out to #konmari.


Moon/Mars – Trine @ 7:10 AM

High vibes will rub off on others, so set the example. You might have a lot of energy, which will be good for staying productive.


Moon/Jupiter – Square @ 8:21 AM

More energy to support an uplifting mood, favors are granted and good news is possible.




In order to get an accurate interpretation of how this will influence you based on your birth chart, you must know your Sidereal MOON sign and degree. You can shoot me $5 via cashapp ($hoelistic) or venmo (sahakehau) and I’ll generate your chart, just make sure you have your birth date, time and location handy and leave it in the comments with an email so I can send your PDF.

7° – 29° LEO & 0° – 6° VIRGO MOON • 1ST HOUSE

SELF IMAGE: The Self, Your Personality and Appearance, Your Personal Views on Life, Self Identity, Self Image, Beginnings, How you Initiate, Physical Body

Once a year the Full Moon activates your first house to gently remind you to focus on you. You may feel like you want to change the way you look or maybe even release some thought patterns you have in regards to your appearance. Bring into balance the amount of time you spend on others and the amount of time you invest in yourself.

7° – 29° CANCER & 0° – 6° LEO MOON • 2ND HOUSE

MATERIAL WORLD: Possessions, Money, Stability, Values, Hidden Talents, Sense of Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and How You Value Yourself, Financial Gains, How You Spend Your Own Money, Livelihood, Material Circumstances

you might feel some type of way about your financial situations or your sense of self worth. Pay attention to what you invest in, where are your personal resources going, and are you happy with what you get back or end up consuming. Take a good look at if you need to make any adjustments because what you spend your currency (currency=time, energy and money) on is a direct reflection on how you feel about yourself. Release any blocks dealing with the even exchange of energy.

7° – 29° GEMINI & 0° – 6° CANCER MOON • 3RD HOUSE

COMMUNICATION CENTER: Communication, Memory, Perception, Local Movement or Short Journeys, Neighbors, All Forms of Transportation, Thinking Patterns, Early Education, School(s), Siblings

Keep it 100 with yourself and others through any means of communication—that could be thoughts you have about yourself, things you type on social media or what you say to others. Share your truth and be tactful in your delivery. Release the idea that what you have to say is irrelevant.

7° – 29° TAURUS & 0° – 6° GEMINI MOON • 4TH HOUSE

HOME LIFE: Home and Home Life, Emotions, Subconscious Mind, Family, Your Roots, Land, Personal Foundations, Inner Emotional Security, Mother Figure or Parents

There can be some intense issues that come up dealing with your family or home life. Release past conditioned thought or emotional wounds you picks up as a child that is affecting you on an emotion level or your household. This will help to build a stronger foundation with your loved ones and heal past traumas. This could deal with a back and forth over work/home life balance.

7° – 29° ARIES & 0° – 6° TAURUS MOON • 5TH HOUSE

PLEASURE PALACE: Children, Creativity, Pursuit of Pleasure, Love Affairs, Personal Interests, Hobbies, Teaching, Self-Expression, Love Given, Romance, Entertainment and Fun

You could be pouring your heart into a creative project or a relationship with a lover or even a child. Let go of any expectations of others to recognize you. If you’re not getting the attention you think you deserve, remember that you don’t need anything outside of yourself to approve of you or what you’re doing. You are your biggest cheerleader, validation is for parking.

7° – 29° PISCES & 0° – 6° ARIES • 6TH HOUSE

HABITS & HEALTH: Health, Work, Service, Skills, Habits, Physical Sickness, Physical Ability, Employees, Coworkers, Chores, Care Taking, Routine, Pets and Small Animals

Feng shui your life aka get your shit togethah! If your mind or surroundings are in shambles, it’ll be hard to concentrate on doing what needs to be done. Implement and stick to household chores, morning rituals and maybe even a workout routine. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself through nutrition and exercise so that you can show up for others once you’ve made this a daily habit. Let go of bad food choices, and anything keeping you from being a better version of yourself. You’re being called to help others but you have to take care of yourself first!

7° – 29° AQUARIUS & 0° – 6° PISCES MOON • 7TH HOUSE

COMMITMENTS: Partners, Marriage, Contracts, Cooperative Relationships, Divorce, Lawsuits, Separation, Open Enemies

Your focus will be on relationships over the next half of this lunar cycle. You might have to Konmari someone or some people that aren’t sparking joy in order to invest more into your partner—this could be your spouse, a girlfriend or boyfriend or even a business partner. This could create some tension, but at least everyone involved will know where you stand. People are either lessons or blessings, and there’s no reason to judge anyone. Cut the cord and fill it with love.


TABOO TOPICS: Sex, Death, Transformations, Inheritances, Joint Finances, Taxes, Possessions, Personal Sacrifices, Loss, Other People’s Money and Possessions, Clairvoyance

Not trying to fearmonger but this house intimidates me the most. It’s not easy to deal with but once you do, it’s like a rebirth and you’ll feel brand new, but in order to experience and appreciate the good shit, you have to go through the not so good shit. Over the next couple of weeks you could be dealing with taboo themes mentioned above. Let go of the small things revolving around money, try looking at currency (time, energy and money) as a frequency that you can attract that is abundant in your life. Release the lack mindset because what ever you need will always be provided right when you need it. If you don’t have it, you don’t need it for what you have to do.


BIGGER PICTURE: Beliefs, Teaching, Travel, Higher Education, Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics and Morals, Dreams, Visions, Ideas, Laws

You could be thinking about where you are headed in life and yearning for more of something that you can’t quite figure out. You might feel like you need to move, travel. become more spiritual or learn about something new. Let go of any excuses you have that is telling you cannot do this. It’s time to venture out and experience something new, it’ll be liberating on so many levels.


CAREER SECTOR: Career, Social Status, Calling, Ambitions, Bosses, Authority Figures, Honor, Community Power, Reputation, Dominant Parent

It’s time to sort out things with your profession or stature. Do what you need to do for the sake of your family. If that means to stop working overtime to be home in time for dinner to be an example for your kids that you can juggle work/home life in balance, or if that means to stop playing small and ask your boss for a raise so that you can buy a new house or a new car that will fit you and your family. Handle that shit! Release what isn’t serving your highest good.

7° – 29° LIBRA & 0° – 6° SCORPIO MOON • 11TH HOUSE

FRIEND ZONE: Friendships, Hopes, Goals, Ambitions, Social Groups, Community, Aspirations, Associations, Networks, Helpful People

There could be quarrels with your friends or upsets dealing with unfulfilled dreams. Let go of Any relationship that aren’t supporting your aspirations and projecting their personal fears on you. If this has nothing to do with other people, you might be realizing that a goal you had isn’t aligned with who you’ve become and there could be a need to shift gears in a different direction where you will connect with a different community of people.

7° – 29° VIRGO & 0° – 6° LIBRA MOON • 12TH HOUSE

SECRET SPOT: Self-Undoing, Unconscious Mind, Seclusion, Endings, Secret Enemies, Hidden Matters, Karmic Debts, Escapism, Limitations, Hospitals, Prisons, Dreams

You guys get to take a good look at how you have been sabotaging yourselves. YAY! So get rid of any limitations you create for yourself. It’s time to have closure with this chapter in your life but before you can do that, you need to recognize the toxic crap in your life that’s hurting you, not helping you.


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