March 2019

DECK USED: The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein


“When I accept the love of the Universe as my primary teacher, I will always be guided back to the light.”


ow that balance has been restored, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned during these difficult times to your life NOW.  You have a new slate to work with so be smart about what you’re going to cultivate this month.  The choice is always yours.  If you’re unsure of what to do, sungazing every morning will be extremely beneficial to you.  Start with 10 second intervals each day and make sure you’re looking at the Sun within one hour of rising or you can hurt your eyes.  Do research on this if you’re unfamiliar with it.


“Instead of praying for an outcome, I pray for the highest good for all.”

In this day and age, it’s completely normal to only turn to prayer when you need something.  Not something I encourage, but I’m just saying that we all are guilty of this.  We get lost in our day-to-day tasks forget about Spirit until something goes wrong in our lives.

This month you’re being encouraged to connect with Source more.  You can do this in a way that resonates for you.  That could be through prayer or meditation, journaling, going to church etc.  Don’t focus on your needs, look out and bless others when you talk to God.  Try your best to not make it only about you and your situation.  Something I taught my kids to do when they pray is to start of by thanking Source.  Second, pray for healing or whatever our immediate family might need (sibling, parents, grandparents), then pray for our neighbors, friends and the rest of our family (cousins, aunts/uncles etc).  Fourth would be our city, the country, and the government, then one step further out would be for the world and any people in need.  Lastly, pray for themselves but only what they absolutely need that is out of their control.  Hopefully that helps you.


“Attack, pain, fear, judgement, and any form of separation are merely calls for help.”

Check in with yourself right now.  How are you feeling?  Is anything bothering you?  There is something that needs to be addressed this month.  Any triggers that arise are simply things that need your attention.  Try your best to not judge these things as good or bad, they just are.  When you can approach these issues from a neutral standpoint, it’ll be easier for you to handle what is happening.  You got this, hoe!


“The Universe works fast when I’m having fun!”

Hoping you guys put in the work last month to get in alignment with Spirit, from the looks of it, things are getting toooooooo serious and mundane.  Maybe you’re feeling like life is just on autopilot.  Take a mini-vacation and get away from the daily hustle and bustle.  Have a good time with your favorite people and TREAT YO’SELF, HOE!  You deserve it, and you’ll have the means to do it.  Source is making shit happen in your life so make sure you’re focused on the good shit, not the bad shit.  When you give your attention to things you don’t want, that’s exactly what you’ll get because you’re thoughts are attracting it.  So keep your thoughts high vibe by doing things that make you feel good.


“The moment I embrace my peace within and surrender the outcome is the moment that the Universe can truly get to work.”

Last month I told y’all to chill and it looks like this month you need to chill out in a different way.  It’s time to trust what Source has planned for you.  Know that everything is going just as it should and trust in the divine timing of things.  Spirit has been hustlin’ in the background and it’ll make it easier for things to come through when you surrender to something bigger than yourself.


“When I lean toward love I am led.”

L ast month you were working on something heart-centered and this month you’re doing even more of that!  This is beautiful and in all honesty, I feel like your sign is using all of this intense energy for the best.  Pretty much everyone else is struggling, so be proud of yourself.  Keep on doing what you’re doing, follow the tuggings on your heartstrings because this is exactly what you are made to do.


“My outer experiences are a reflection of my internal condition.”

Hope you hoes got your big girl/boy undies on because I’m about to hit you with a truth bomb.  I feel like there is a divide with your sign, some of you are right on target and some of you are getting distracted.  No one is better than the other but I do feel a need to address this.  Take a look at what’s going on in your life, the people you’re around the most and what’s happening.  Now take look at what’s going on inside of you, monitor your thoughts and emotions and see how they’re in alignment.  If you’re feeling stressed, your bff is constantly complaining, how are you doing the same exact thing?  If your co-workers or friends are always high vibe and doing things that are fun, how is this reflective of what’s happening within you?  If you don’t like what is happening externally, you have the power to change it by changing yourself.  You can’t control other but you can attract what you are.

The best way to identify what side of the fence you’re on right now is to pay attention to the thoughts you have about other people.  It’s always easier to judge or criticize others, but usually these are things we don’t want to acknowledge in ourselves.  If you’re always saying positive things about others, then you have nothing to change.


“I let go of the shadow of the past by seeing someone for the first time with the eyes of love.”

Time to stop holding onto a grudge, my Scorpio friend. Whoever triggered you needs to be forgiven.  All of this animosity (or whatever negative adjective you want to stick in there) isn’t going to do anything to them, but it will eat at your inner peace. Sometimes you have to forgive others for the sake of your sanity.  Keeping all of this (insert negative adjective here) in your body is only creating dis-ease (disease) in you.  Pardon and purge, sweetie.


“The Universe has my back.”
Lucky you!  God is right there rooting you on with whatever you’re doing this month or this year.  Stay in alignment with Source, try to listen to the subtle messages, just pay attention.  Don’t get lost in your work, take time to be present and that’s when you’ll notice the guidance from Spirit.  It could be in songs (especially if you wake up with one in your head) or animals/insects you see, they usually have symbolic messages you can look up in books or even online.  It could be numbers, look up angel numbers online to interpret them.  It could even be quotes you keep seeing online when you open your Pinterest or IG.  Dreams are another one, just pay attention.


“I surrender to a power greater than me.”

The big homie upstairs is putting in some major work for your this month.  Give Source the wheel and jump in the backseat of His uber.  I know you hoes like having control of shit, but sometimes you have to relinquish your plans and let the real OG handle His business.  I know you know what you need to do and how to get it done, be Spirit knows even better.  So take a down a notch or two this month, let God do His thang.

Sidebar: I don’t usually give Source a gender but for some reason it came through that way.


“When I’m in alignment with the love of the Universe, peace cannot be disrupted.”

Wow!  You got the same card this month and I think it’s because you have more to work on in regards to your alignment with Source.  Not that you’re doing anything wrong but you have another opportunity to build that vertical relationship with God.  Strengthen it and use it!  This outlet is here for you and it would be such a waste if you did nothing with it.  Continue to journal, pray and meditate on anything creating dis-ease in your circumstance.  Stay open to these different methods, they’ll assist in calibrating yourCELLf with Spirit, and nothing can fuck with your energy!


“My happiness is a direction reflection of my level of faith in the Universe.”

Hey, boo.  How ya feelin’?  When was the last time you thought about how you really feel?  Be super duper honest with yourself.  If you’re not feeling too good, ask yourself why.  It probably has something to do with not trusting where Spirit is guiding you.  Maybe things aren’t crystal clear, Mercury is going to be retrograde pretty much all month, but don’t let that freak you out.  Take your pretty ass out of that fear-based mindset and tune into a different frequency that’ll bring more joy into your life.  If it isn’t making you happy, it’s hurting you.