I watched the Jodyn Woods red table interview with Jada Picket-Smith this evening and my intuition says she’s lying.  She’s using her connections to clean up her image because people love and trust the Smith’s.  They’re good-ass people and they’re giving her the benefit of the doubt because they look at her like family.  That’s their mistake.  My nosey ass pulled some cards, I don’t think it’s good practice to pull cards on people without their permission but I only make exceptions with celebrities because their life shit is already out in the open.  Maybe that’s still not a good way to justify my actions but that’s my thought process.  Not saying it’s right.

Based off my reading, she’s definitely lying (2 of swords) to save face because she’s worrying about a decline in finances (ace of pentacles) and feeling insecure about reaching certain goals (the star).  This is a karmic pattern (wheel of fortune) where she’s meant to learn something on a deeper level and also this has come to light because I think this is something that’s been going on and she’s going to pay a debt.  Her best bet is to live in her integrity, be 100% present and take a good look at what she’s cultivating in her life right now.  She’s so young and has hella potential and she’s letting some guy who is known for being a (legit) hoe fuck things up for her.  She isn’t sure if she did the right thing by lying to the public and using Jada as her scapegoat (in a sense) and is in a state of limbo right now (the empress).

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