Michael Cohen


Michael Cohen

Cohen is definitely regretting what he did and experiencing a deep sense of loss. He has yet to realize the positive effects of his testimony. (5 of cups) He’s afraid and worrying about what’s going to happen, however, he is addressing the situation head-on (the moon).

There’s a lot going on, he’s feeling super overwhelmed and unsure if he’s making the right decision. (7 of cups) On a spiritual level, his soul is satiated (9 of pentacles) by coming forward with the truth—yes, he’s telling the truth for the most part—which is liberating. There are some things he’s not being completely honest about or still hiding. It’s to protect someone else and I think it could be Melania. That’s a guess but it’s a def a female.

He’ll have a fresh start and begin a new chapter in his life. (the fool) So while he’s in prison, he’ll have a chance to figure out what next steps he should take and have faith that this is happening exactly as it should and move on.

What will happen to Trump: 8 of Cups • He’s going to take a big loss and let go of many things that he was accustomed to. He’ll be going through a major transition which will force him to come to terms with certain burdens. He might even become a little more spiritual.

What will happen to Cohen: 5 of Pentacles • He’ll be very worried about the lack of finances and feel alienated by others—his “day ones” might cut him off. He’ll feel victimized and helpless but through the hardship, he’ll empower himself and rise above the situation.

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