Aloha! If I have ever done a reading for you — also includes the ones I do on Periscope, and Snapchat — please use the form below to submit your personal testimony. Thank you so much for the continued support! I would not be able to do this without you!


“I am super impressed with the Tarot 101 course because Saha made it flow like water. If you ever wanted to learn how to read the tarot get in the next class, you will be amazed at how in depth her workbooks are, as well as the private group and all of the extra support she gives her students. AND she is a bad-ass Rock-Star COACH. I love her coaching style and I KNOW Universe put us together. I will be successful because I have a gift, but without her guidance this gift would still be in the box!! If you’re even thinking about investing in a coach …Saha is the truth hunny, sign up today!” – Cher J

“Saha’s Soul Scope was a lovingly crafted PDF, plus a 40 Minute interpretation of me and my astrological chart. Her work was “spot on!” She helped me face some long-neglected strengths, and has a knack for gently letting me some know hard truths. Thank you Saha for this awesome reading!” -Stephanie N

wendyb“I just finished the Tarot 101 class and loved it! I’m so comfortable with my cards now and thanks to Saha way more knowledgeable!! I would suggest the class to anyone wanting to know more about Tarot! Super fun and insightful class ; )” -Wendy B

makag“Just finished Tarot 101 and loved it! The course is super chill – new material weekly and you’re able to go at your own pace. I found it easy to learn in a group setting and loved when people asked questions because I had most of those questions, too! Saha is great at being there for you along the way and I found her guidance really helpful and nurturing. I even signed up for Tarot 102 and can’t wait to learn more! If you have a chance to sign up, it’s totally worth it!” -Makale’a C.G.

kimb“I just had a full moon release reading by Saha, and I LOVED it, like always, it was very spot on. Basically everything that i have to currently work on with myself was reassured, thank you!!”
Kim B

jpen“One of the most genuine, radiant and positive people I’ve ever met. I have received quite a few readings and each one has been spot on. They’ve offered great insight into why certain things may be happening in my life and how to adjust my actions and attitude to deal with them in a productive way. She goes above and beyond to really explain what each card means; I love every reading!” – Jessica P.

abar“I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a couple of readings in the past few months, and the readings were exactly what I needed to hear at those very moments in my life. The readings helped me make sense of my struggles, of my situation at the time & helped me re-focus on the bigger picture. I thought it was amazing & mind-blowing! I wish I could have a specialized, detailed reading everyday but that’s plain selfish. 🙂 A+++ HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” – Amy B.

“To receive a reading from Saha is absolutely mind blowing. I am one of her regular clients and I cannot imagine my life without a monthly 3 card spread. She goes into much detail, she is honest and will not sugar coat everything. If she sees something bad or feels like she needs to tell you like it is, she will. There have been times during the reading, it didn’t seem relevant to me but then the next day or the following week, something happened that she prepared me for. Her prices are not expensive either, I high recommend Saha.” – LH

“I found Saha by accident on Tumblr an knew there was something special about her. She is so gifted and has been a beacon of light in some really hard time. She has such a way with connecting to the divine and her messages are always very helpful to my situations. 10 out of 10!” – DD

“1st day of the New year and Saha-Kehau was able to give me great insight and most of all motivation to tackle the year head on by pulling a card for me. It has helped to give me a sense of direction and with that you can develop your goals and make them a reality! Sometimes we think about whats to come or what can we expect or are caught up in being so worried of the unknown so being able to have a reading gives you that boost and confidence to move forward and not dwell but do! Thank you saha! If ever I find myself stuck in a rut or needing confirmation I will surely come to you for another reading!” – NG

kkoki“i just had the privilege of having Saha do a 2015 draw for me and I absolutely loved it!! Her delivery of the messages were very relaxed and comfortable and easy to hear and she hit on several items I’ve been tossing around in my mind with very little information given to her from me. thank you so much for your messages for my fairly challenging year! hehe :-)” – Ka’ai K.

eval“Love this. You’re always on point. Whatever I’m feeling in my gut or my intuition is telling me somehow you always nail that topic. Kudos my friend.” – Evelyn V.

cmau“At a time in my life, where I really needed guidance, because I was feeling lost, Kehau was there! She pulled cards for me and really put my life and past, present, & future into perspective. She was exactly on point in every way. Every card, and every situation, was on point!! Thank you, thank you!!!! Not only have you been an amazing friend since HS but an amazing woman and guide, now in our “adult” life I am looking forward to my journey!” – Christine M.

rcat“thank you for the card reading, it helped me in being more confident in myself. I was so amazed that it resembled me so much.” – Riley C.

adelec“I received an Oracle reading for the November. Be warned, the cards will get all up in your business(in a good way). Saha goes into detail in her readings and they are always on point! I will definitely be a regular customer! Keep up the great work!” – Adele G.